NUMBER 1- Serve as a primary platform for creative artists all over Arizona by providing updates via social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram.
NUMBER 2- Provide a platform for Creative artists to share their work(s). This includes but is not excluded to: Art Galleries/Shows, Open Mic Nights, Local Music Performances, Rap concerts, Dance classes, Recitals, Photography series, and more.
NUMBER 3- Provide a safe space for dancers all over Arizona, while creating concept ideas that challenge dancers to embrace all styles of dance confidently.


"A Community Conscious Creative Arts Brand"


Fierce FaceOff, LLC was established September 2021 in Goodyear, Arizona. FFD's Creative Director/FaceOff President Felicite Woods saw a need for change in Arizona's creative arts community in reference to discovering resources, or even other creative artists in Arizona. Fierce FaceOff, LLC. is meant to shed light on Arizona's Creative Artists, & aid in creating networking opportunities, such as: Music Events, Social Events, Local performances, Classes, and more!

Fierce FaceOff Dance offers a variety of classes such as: Hip Hop, Heels in multiple styles, Tap, and more! The Face Off Family holds classes all over the state to ensure that every dancer in the state of Arizona has an opportunity to attend class(es). Whether it be to train in your desired style of dance, release, or just enjoy a bit of "me-time", the FFD Family hopes to provide a healthy home for all of Arizona's dancers!